What is a "Hybrid Solution" when it comes to divorce in Temecula and keeping costs down?


By Michael Iverson of Affordable Legal Assistance posted in Divorce on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

When approaching a divorce or family law challenge in Temecula, Murrieta and Riverside County, one idea to keep in mind is the "Hybrid solution." The Hybrid Solution is a cost effective compromise between doing it yourself, and having the benefit of legal assistance provided by paralegals, while also having access to attorney representation only when needed, such as during negotiations or for representation in court. The Hybrid is a flat fee - you know what you're paying, and you're not going to get hit with a bill that's open ended or hourly based. It's usually about half of the cost of full representation, but provides legal advice, guidance and access to a lawyer when needed. You choose, if and when an attorney is needed. The Hybrid Solution is the best option for most couples who are simply attempting to bring their marriage to an end in the most timely and economic way possible, while ensuring that the details are handled correctly to prevent issues from coming back up down the road.

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