What Happens AFTER a Divorce Is Often A Bigger Deal (In the Long Run) Than the Event Itself


By Michael Iverson of Affordable Legal Assistance posted in Divorce on Thursday, May 1, 2014.

After almost 20 years in the family law arena, and having come through a divorce myself I can tell you the biggest surprise for most people is this lesson: the damage that occurs during the divorce even when everything seems to be agreeable, will inevitably make your life much more difficult and there is always the potential for that damage to become far reaching and in some cases, could result in consequences that could impact the rest of your life. A more positive way to look at it would be: The more you are able to work together to find common ground and resolve issues cooperatively, the better your experience will be after the divorce is completed. When issues arise with the kids you'll be in a much better place to work through them without argument or worse, going to court. In most cases that involve minor children, you will be required to continue the joint effort of raising the children with your ex. This means that you will be need to have the skills to work with your ex for many years to come. At Affordable Legal Assistance our goal is to help you to find common ground, and move through your divorce with the least emotional damage and at the most reasonable price possible. We work to help our clients to resolve areas of disagreement, find common ground, and develop a solution that will work for today, and for the months and years to come. This experience - working together to resolve disagreements - sets the stage for a smooth cooperative environment that will make the future better for your children, and more enjoyable and less expensive for you.

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