What if We Agree on Everything Except Child Custody and Visitation in Our DIY Divorce in Temecula?


By Michael Iverson of Affordable Legal Assistance posted in Child Custody on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Child custody and visitation agreements can be challenging. There are several techniques that can be used to find common ground that can result in an agreement which best reflects the natural rhythms of each child and their activities. As a practicing experienced Temecula and Murrieta child custody attorney and as a paralegal prior to that, I have nearly twenty years of experience helping couples to find creative solutions to their child custody agreements. It's no longer "a week at one home, and a week at the other with a Wednesday in between." Parenting agreements can be quite creative and often it's just a matter of gaining some additional input from an experienced guide. In some cases, mediation provides an excellent alternative. Mediation provides you with tools to resolve your disagreements and helps to create an environment which is conducive to working through and finding resolutions which enable you to move forward.

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