What is a hearing to establish child custody, visitation and support going to be like?


By Michael Iverson of Affordable Legal Assistance posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

In the Temecula, Murrieta and Riverside County areas most cases involving child custody, visitation and support are set for a hearing from the commencement of the divorce or custody action. Prior to that hearing, there will be a mediation where all issues regarding parenting time between the parents, as well as issues relating to legal custody are going to be discussed. A mediation report is submitted to the judge who was wide discretion to go by those recommendations or make alterations based upon oral argument made during the hearing itself. Therefore, it's vital to have guidance before mediation, and legal representation at the time of the hearing to ensure the best outcome in your case.
There are three potential outcomes: a continuance, an agreement for temporary orders, and / or the matter is set for trial. Our unique "hybrid solution" allows you to proceed comfortably in these situations. If you have limited representation for the hearing you can have guidance prior to the hearing, and our paralegals will complete forms for the orders established during the hearing. If the matter does go to trial, you can have full representation, or you can continue with the best combination that suits your needs. These hearings often require one or more "continuances", meaning that one of the parties is not prepared to move forward for a variety of reasons. In a typical scenario where someone is represented by an attorney, if there are continuances to the hearing you're getting charged full price by the attorney for appearing in court despite there being no progress made in the case and no orders issued. Based on a standard hourly fee schedule (as opposed to the flat fee of our Hybrid System) these appearances alone could be $1000 or more.

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