Do It Yourself Divorce

Do-It-Yourself Divorce In Temecula, California

Affordable Legal Advocacy During Challenging Personal And Financial Times
The need for a do-it-yourself divorce is likely the result of economic challenges. You and your spouse may agree on all aspects of your divorce, yet you lack the funds to retain an attorney. At Affordable Legal Assistance, we provide guidance for our clients and educate them on their rights in both contested and uncontested divorce cases.

Legal Support For Your Do-It-Yourself Divorce In Temecula, California
High-profile, online legal services are touted in their advertising as the answer to your problems. Yet, we have represented clients at Affordable Legal Assistance who have had their divorce decrees thrown out due to errors.

Assistance From Experienced Paralegals And A Murrieta DIY Divorce Attorney
With access to the legal services of Affordable Legal Assistance founder and divorce lawyer Michael Iverson, our clients have options. They can work with a paralegal on the documents, retain The Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APLC, or explore a hybrid option with a paralegal and an outside Murrieta DIY divorce attorney.
With the emotional issues combining with legal complexities involved in a divorce, some of our clients do not want to appear in court by themselves, especially when their ex has legal counsel.

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The paralegals at Affordable Legal Assistance provide personalized and compassionate representation. Clients are treated like family and encouraged to come back as legal needs arise. We offer a free initial consultation at our office in Old Town Temecula. Free parking is available. We also make ourselves available on weekends and evenings by appointment and visit clients off-site if needed.
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